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Bringing Storytelling to Life

Our students love stories! Thank you so much for providing the opportunity for our students to practice reading and retelling stories. One of our standards is "with prompting and support, students will retell stories, including key details". With the retelling puppets, students are easily able to recall important events and retell the story. In our classrooms, reading is broken into three sections, one of which is literacy work stations. During literacy work stations, students work with 2-3 peers on literacy activities that target specific [...]

Bringing Storytelling to Life2017-11-25T03:35:37+03:00

Mr. Froning’s Marvelous Math Stations

My Students My kindergarten students are so excited to walk into their classroom each and every morning. My kindergartners are a fabulous and curious group of children.  They are so eager to learn all about the fun and exciting things that we'll do in kindergarten! Our school is wonderful...we have extremely supportive parents that are willing to help out any way they can, an amazing team of highly talented teachers, and students that are willing to work as hard as can be! My Project During [...]

Mr. Froning’s Marvelous Math Stations2017-11-25T03:33:01+03:00
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