My Students

My kindergarten students are so excited to walk into their classroom each and every morning. My kindergartners are a fabulous and curious group of children.  They are so eager to learn all about the fun and exciting things that we’ll do in kindergarten! Our school is wonderful…we have extremely supportive parents that are willing to help out any way they can, an amazing team of highly talented teachers, and students that are willing to work as hard as can be!

My Project

During math stations, students work in small groups to build upon important math skills and standards being taught in class. Emphasizing simple addition and subtraction, the Simple Addition & Subtraction Instant Learning Centers will be extremely beneficial additions to our math stations, as they will allow students to put their addition and subtraction skills to use. The Sequencing Trains will also assist students with numerical order, counting to 100, and number identification. My students absolutely love this portion of the day, and I am looking to enhance math stations with these new games that will excite and motivate my students for years to come.